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Before furniture becomes fit for usage, it is necessary for the raw material to be prepared for its purpose. The aim of wood finishing is to achieve decorative and aesthetic effects as well as protect the products from the influence of the environment thus enabling them to be used for many years. The first step is grinding, the finishing of the surface, which creates a material free of coarseness (this is very important when it comes to furniture). The next step is the coloring of wood. This allows us to modify the color of the base without changing it properties. In order to produce a piece of the highest quality it is necessary to lacquer or oil it. The first activity consists of applying paint-lacquer material in order to harden the surface and refine it. Oiling is another technique for wood finishing. In this case we use natural oils based on linen oils which make the furniture durable and at the same is friendly for the environment. An important aspect is that oiling does not block the pores of wood and it can "breathe" easily. Point two presents the two techniques in more detail.






The oil which is used to coat wooden surfaces of furniture is produced on the basis of natural oil, excipients and pigments (in the base of coloring oils: white, gray, walnut and wenge). The oils which are used come from the group of the so called "hard" oils and they create a hard coat which is very resistant to scratching, temperature and liquids used in the household. Thanks to this they make the surface smooth and increase the aesthetic value of the wood by brining out is structure. Full hardening and resistance of the coat happens 7 days after the oil is applied and this is why it is advised to use the product carefully during the first week after it is delivered. The oils we used comply with Polish and European standards. This is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the PN-EN 71-3+A1:2014-2012 norm.








The second technique we use for wood surface coating is lacquering (transparent lacquer). The solvent lacquers which are used today harden after the solvent evaporates which happens in the factory during the drying stage. They create hard surfaces which are highly resistant to abrasion and scratching. They are resistant to detergents as they do not absorb moisture. Their high hardness, mechanical and chemical resistance and good looks make them stand out among lacquers of their type. The lacquer we use complies with the PN-EN-71-3 norm and it can be used with children toys. Solvent lacquers are not hazardous to health. Their only deficiency when compared to water lacquers is their characteristic smell which dissipates quickly when the furniture is still in the manufacturing plant.



The oiled wooden surface is friendly for the environment and the user. One important fact is that any damages, scratches and chips may be fixed by the user without much hassle. In order to do this you must use sandpaper of very fine grit (a minimum of P360) to smoothen out the surface which then can be oiled after being cleaned. You need to apply an even, thin coat of furniture oil onto the surface. What is important: a full renovation is not needed to make the piece look good. You just need to work on the damaged part. You need at least one full day for the oiled piece to dry out. This procedure can be repeated multiple times depending on the damage and this is an important benefit of furniture with such a finishing.

The Beds offers oils that allow the user to fix/renovate the furniture on his or her own (which is very difficult in the case of lacquered furniture).



If we choose to buy furniture made out of natural wood we want not only the raw material but also all of the processes related to finishing to be eco friendly. That is why the wood stains, lacquers and oils that we use are not harmful to the user and their influence on the environment is minimal. Lacquers do not emit harmful compounds and do not have bad smell and the oils do not consist of solvents and do not emit formaldehyde. All of those issues are very important especially that we want to live in harmony in nature, care for the environment and show this every step of the way. If this principle guides you when you choose furniture, products from the The Beds shop are perfect for you.



The Beds uses only
eco and safe for health preparations.


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