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Bed base


1. What is the bed base and is it necessary?


Bed base is in other words wooden slats. It supports the mattress within the bed frame. Bed base is a very crucial element of the bed, so to complete the whole set we need bed, bed base and mattress.


2. How to choose a bed bases?


Different mattresses need a different bed base, so it is very important to match both elements correctly. That is why we choose the mattress first and then we match suitable frame. For light mattresses (foam, and highly elastic) we can use straight bed bases (flexible or strip) with a minimum 5 cm space between separate slats. For heavier mattresses (latex and pocket) the best bed bases is the one with a minimum 3 cm space between separate slats (ex. BR or BR TRIPLE). You need to remember that a spring mattresses cannot be bended, so it is impossible to use adjustable bed bases with this kind of mattresses.


3. How to choose a mattress?


Choosing a mattress is an individual matter, depending on our personal preferences. Main difference between mattresses is a hardness – from soft to hard ones. We recommend 15-18 cm thick mattresses to our beds. The other important issue is the possibility to wash the cover – all presented mattresses have a zip cover, which are easy to remove and to wash. Our mattresses use the following icons to describe their properties.


4. Where you can see furniture from the "live"?


Our furniture can be seen only in the company's headquarters STWD, in Bydgoszcz, Wislana 25th Street .We work from Monday to Friday 7am-3pm.


5. Can we send furniture abroad?


Yes, we send furniture to many European countries by our on-line store -


6. When can I expect delivery?


Delivery times are given on request. Few days before given delivery term we will let you know about exact delivery day and time via e-mail.


7. Can I get a discount?


Yes, on our webpage there is the negotiate option available. For more details please contact us:


8. Why are the lead times so long?


Delivery dates are closely linked to the production cycle and the supply of material.


9. What material are made from furniture ("What is that staves")?


Taking into consideration all types of wood and joining methods, we can enumerate 4 types of materials used in the production of The Beds furniture: CLEAR-JOINED BEECH, WILD-FULL BEECH, CLEAR-JOINED OAK and WILD-FULL OAK.


10. Do I have to oil furniture by myself from time to time?


Oil finish can be refreshed repeatedly, so you can repair small defects on the surface of the furniture. You need to use fine-grained sandpaper to sand and smooth surface and then you can apply some furniture oil. This procedure can be repeated several times. You can also refresh the appearances of the furniture by covering them with linseed oil or wax. These treatments will enhance wood protection and give your furniture nice new silky look.


11. Does the wood change colour over time?


Yes, it is natural that the wood changes its colour especially when is often exposed to sunlight. In the case of lacquered furniture the change is very slight. Furniture finished with oil will darken after some time, however this process is long-lasting and more slowly progressing on beech wood, oak, ash or American walnut wood than softwood (eg pine).


12. Is the assembly of the bed complicated?


Assembly of the bed, although it may seem difficult and time-consuming, it is very simple. Average installation will take about 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the individual skills. Instruction and hardware set is attached to every bed so if you follow it, you will be able to enjoy the new furniture more quickly than it may seem.


13. Do I have to use two separate bed bases in double bed


Yes, it is essential to use two bed bases in double bed. The amount of bases should reflect the amount of users - for single beds (80, 90, 100, 120 cm) we recommend one bed base and for double beds (160, 180, 200 cm) we recommend the use of two separate frames. Bed 140x200 cm can be used as a single and double bed. In that case we recommend one 140x200 bed slat for single bed and two 70x200 cm bed slats for double ones. Every bed is set up with middle support beam with 2 legs, so the whole construction is stable and secure.


14.Do I have to pay the whole value of the order in advance?


You can choose two options of payment: Standard transfer – bank or post office payment for the whole sum of the order; on-line payment – payment by credit card via PayPal for the whole amount of the order.

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